New Way to Burn Off fat!

Yes, we know there is more than one way of shedding those extra kilos but did you know Infrared Sauna is one of them?

While you can’t completely rely on that for losing weight but it sure helps and has many other benefits that you must seek!

Infrared rays are anyway present around us, the only difference is that the human eye can not detect it. Apart from that other two types of infrared rays have hot near-infrared wavelengths and thermal mid-infrared wavelengths.  


Infrared Sauna not only acts on fat deposits of the body but these sessions also claim to pull out toxins and heavy metals out. People claim to feel more oily rather than sweaty by the end of their session. 

Infrared Sauna usually operates at a temperature of 150 degrees which is less than the temperature of the regular ones. It does, however, impart the same warm and hot feeling throughout the session and makes your body sweat out. 

People love the afterglow and the visibly brightened skin. It also helps remove environmental pollutants from deep within the layers of your skin. 

People who are morbidly obese and are struggling to lose weight often turn to the infrared sauna as it is a non-invasive, safe and natural way to burn off calories. An average session claims to burn around 600 calories which is more than you would burn in one session of weight training. 

 It also may help in revving up the metabolic rate which helps burn calories at a faster rate. 

So to conclude, yes, Infrared Sauna helps burn off fat and help you in your weight loss journey. It also helps ease soreness in muscles so even better if you already have an exercise regime and feel the need to unwind by opting for a sauna session.