Portion Control Tips to Lose Weight

Portion Control/pexel

Losing weight is a difficult task only if not done in a right way if . Keeping a check on what you eat is crucial, but how much you eat is equally important. While dieting many people tend to overeat without thinking that the excess increases the calories intake too. Keeping the importance of portion control in mind here are some tips to lose weight

Start with a glass of H2O
Filling your belly with water will naturally make you less likely to overeat.

Jump to the main course
Sometimes skipping the occasional dining is not possible. In such a situation, start your meals with salads or soup or go directly to the main course instead of filling yourself with unhealthy appetizers.

Avoid second serving

While serving yourself, honestly review your portion size and avoid taking a second serving. Also prefer small size bowls instead of bigger ones.

Avoid eating directly from the pack
When you order food serve yourself on a small plate instead of directly eating it from the pack. This way you can easily measure your meal.

Don’t mix TV and eating
Many people must have told you this, but let us explain you the reason. When you are watching TV and eating, your attention is divided and when you don’t pay attention to your food, it is harder to control the amount of eating. Avoid taking cold drinks and chips while watching television, it can spoil your diet plans.

Switch to healthy snacks
The important step to lose weight is to get rid of packed chips and fried snacks. Instead of chips and chocolates, start stocking up vegetables, diet snacks, fresh fruits and juices.

Track your calories
Tracking your calories makes it easier for you to measure how much you eat. There are lot of phone apps whivh can help you keep a track on your calories.