Reasons To Start Running

Running is one of the best butt-kicking, calorie-blasting workouts around. It can and should be a staple in your health and wellness regime as it helps you lose weight , is free and can be done anywhere. But besides all these, there are many other benefits, read on to know

Relieves Stress


It keeps away stress and enhances your mood because if you run you release stress with it. Taking too much stress gives health implications thus running is the best way you can deal with it.

Increases stamina

To run one needs stamina and by running you built it. Imagine the first time you would have ran and it must have left you gasping for air, yet with the other time, your exhaustion would have decreased with increasing the capability to run for an extra mile.

Social Ties

Going for jogging or running with buddies is something satisfying. Research shows that running with friends makes one happier and is even helpful in being social. Be a part of a running community and you will get to know how interesting and happening it feels to be with that team.

Mental Health

Mental Health

As you run your brain releases endorphins that are useful in improving the mood and is helpful in keeping you happy too. Running gives the body a better blood circulation and is thus helpful in keeping the body’s engine working properly.

Better Sleep

The more you run or walk is the more you have a better sleep. It is the best feeling because you do not have to lie in bed thinking some irrelevant stuff, as running helps you sleep sooner.

Gives you a ripped core

Running not only is a leg exercise but is also helpful in building the body’s muscles. It helps to strengthen the bones and muscles and is one which you should practice regularly.

Fire up your metabolism

By running consistently, you will bulletproof yourself from a slow, crawling metabolism.

Regulate your bowel movements

 By raising your heart rate and blood flow with running, you’ll simultaneously contract your intestinal muscles without even realizing it.  This action in return will help move stools quickly and efficiently.

Burns fat faster

Burns fat faster

Running surely helps in losing weight. The more you run is the more you burn fat and the more you move towards becoming slim and fit. A 72.5 kg person running at a 12-minute pace (5 mph) for 30 minutes would burn 290 calories.