Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Weight loss

It is too frustrating when you work hard but can’t lose weight! Though you are eating right, exercising the correct way but are not able to scale down those numbers in weight measurements. There can be many reasons for it and we have gathered some mistakes you might be doing that is slowing down your weight loss process. Check them out!

Cutting too many calories

When a person is on diet, cutting down too many calories can slow down the body’s metabolism. Also the hunger hormone can many times get out of control leading to overeating and gaining weight on the contrary. One needs to stop restricting the body and needs to focus on unique hunger and satiety signals.

Not drinking enough water


H2O is again equally important when thinking to shed extra pounds. It helps to suppress appetite so one tends to eat less.  Not only this, it also boosts the amount of calorie burned.

You are stressed out

Stress affects eating, sleeping, daily exercise habits etc. It also affects the cortisol levels which makes it hard to lose weight. Even if you are stressed out with your diet there is no need to feel miserable, but try a better and happier alternative to shed those extra kilos.

Not taking enough sleep


Good sleep plays an important role for the body’s physical and mental health. Less of sleep is said to be the biggest factor for causing obesity in people. It is also very difficult to eat the correct way and happily when one is sleep deprived.

Not eating whole foods

The quality of food is also equally important as the quantity. Healthy food can improve and regulate the appetite and they are more filling than their processed counterparts. Try sticking to whole, single-ingredient foods.

Not cutting back on carbohydrates

If you are not losing weight for long, consider having a low-carb diet. Quit foods with carbohydrates and go for low carb diet plan as it is considered to give up to 2-3 times better weight loss than with other food habits. Low-carb diet also improves conditions of triglycerides, HDL cholesterol and blood sugar.