Surprising Reasons for Weight Gain

Source Eat This, Not That!

There is nothing more annoying than standing on the machine every morning and seeing increasing weight. While we know eating junk food and not doing any physical exercise leads to weight gain but there are various other reasons as well. If you too are  trying to lose weight, but are unable to do then you must read this article to know about some unexpected reasons that lead to weight gain:

  • You are not getting enough protein in your meal

Source self

Source self

For us the rules of dieting are very easy, avoid junk food, drink a lot of water and manage your portions, but what about protein?  In order to avoid calories we do not consume enough protein which makes weight loss difficult. Also not eating enough protein might result in slower metabolism which over time causes weight gain.

  • Medications

Source BBC

Source BBC

At times few  medications too bring changes in your appetite that causes weight gain.

  • You eat too fast

Your brain needs 20 minutes to register fullness when eating, so if you eat fast, you might eat more and overeating increases your weight.

  • Stress

Source Pacific Wellness Institute

Just like antidepressants, stress also cause an increase in appetite which results in weight gain. Secondly during stress we reach out to high-calorie comfort food so weight gain is sure.

  • You are overeating healthy foods

Eating healthy foods and simple carbohydrates is fine but you need to manage your portions too. If you are eating healthy foods in a large amount then it is equally unhealthy.

  • Hypothyroidism

When your thyroid creates insufficient amounts of hormones, your metabolism slows and you are likely to gain weight so keep a check on your thyroid too.

  • Not drinking enough water 

Not drinking enough water can cause us to eat excess calories that could lead to weight gain. Plus, when you’re dehydrated, the body will conserve water for vital body functions, which can result in water retention and a higher number on the scale.