Things Every Girl Does in the Gym

There are many girls who go to gym and almost everyone has something in common that they are often spotted doing. Whether it’s weird or normal no one accepts it but they can’t stay calm too without doing them. So, let’s check out the most general ones, I am sure everyone working out in the gym can relate to this.

  • No matter what they can’t stay calm without looking at the mirror.
  • Check out the hot guys in the gym. Try to talk to them indirectly by asking about how to maintain the fitness, diet etc.
  • Gym selfies are must! From snapchat, instagram to facebook status everything is updated with gym details.
  • Compete with the other hot girls in the gym.
  • Keep a check on other’s treadmill, the speed on which they run and for how much time.
  • Checking out other girls gym.
  • Get conscious while doing the leg exercises.
  • Borrow toiletries without any consciousness as its part of the membership.
  • Talk to friends loudly and gossip about others.
  • Go mad when someone steals the locker.
  • Try to gain attention by intentionally moving here and there.
  • Keep on changing the music.