Things Fat People are Tired of Hearing

Things that fat people are tired of hearing

God has made everyone the same but due to many reasons, our body shape differs from each other. No matter what we should always respect each other’s body but unfortunately, some people fail to do so. In our society body shaming is one of the major issues and thus chubby people get to hear same things repeatedly.  Check some of the common ones below:

  • Why don’t you join gym? You will surely reduce wait once you will start exercising.
  • Stop eating sweets, potatoes, fried and rice then see how quickly you will lose weight.

  • No one will marry you if you will stay like this. Only hot girls get handsome partners.
  • I don’t think that size M will fit you; you should go for XL or XXL!

  • It seems as if you are having 3 months baby in your belly. Is it so?
  • You are not fat, you are healthy and cute.

  • Just imagine how attractive you would look if you will be slim. Try and make up to it.
  • I think you should stop eating salt and skip dinner. This will surely help you.

  • Do you really want to dance? I guess it would not be a good option for you, try it after you get thin.
  • Now I understand why you sleep for so long. Fat people are too lazy!
  • Try this new diet as its very effective.
  • Do you only shop from plus size stores.
  • Don’t eat too much and just look at your weight.