Things that Skinny Girls are Tired of Hearing

Things that Skinny Girls are tired of hearing

There’s a saying that nobody in this World is satisfied with what they have and that’s true in most of the cases as even the skinny girls have complaints about their figure.  They too are irritated with same type of questions they get from people. Check out some of them

Oh My God! What’s wrong with you, day by day you are getting thinner like a stick.

Are you sick? I am sure you might be having some health issues. “Go and see a Doctor”!

Why do you want to join the Gym? You are already so slim; do you want to get disappeared now?

Eat a lot of potatoes, fried things and, cheeseburgers to put on your weight. It will really work for you.

It’s okay, you don’t pick up heavy stuff, you are weak and it might cause you pain.

Real Men like curves, not bones. So the best you can do is just try to gain weight.

I don’t understand where does the food you eat goes?

How much is your weight? You will face a lot of difficulties during your pregnancy.

What? I didn’t know that you are in College; I thought you are still in school.

You are so lucky that you can fit in any dress.

I am sure after putting on a little weight you will look more beautiful and hot.


Now you very well know what all to not tell your skinny friends.