Things You Must Keep in Mind Before Dating a Fitness Freak

Almost every girl dreams of dating a man who is strong and has a good body but, along with that you must also know that you don’t get everything as you want. Dating a fitness freak boy is not that easy so before you make your choice be prepared for these things listed below. I am sure after reading this you will be clearer about how to deal with a muscular guy.

  • You will not only be in a relationship with him but also with the gym.
  • Forget about sleeping late, watching movies on Sundays because weekend for him will be working out more hard.
  • You will get tired of hearing; do you know how many calories are in this and that? I can’t eat this as it’s too oily.
  • Be prepared to have junk food alone as he won’t give you company in these unhealthy stuff.
  • Don’t think about kissing him just after his gym, his clothes would be wet with stinky sweat.
  • Your kitchen sink will be full of protein shake bottles.
  • No doubt it’s sayings that eat like a king in breakfast but with him you will no more believe in this statement.
  • Most of the time you will see him standing shirtless in front of the mirror.
  • You will be constantly bombarded by his social media uploads.
  • Going out in public becomes scary as girls never leave a chance in staring guys with good body.


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