Thoughts We Get When on Diet

Funny Thoughts that comes in your mind when you are on Diet

Most of us love food but on  the other side we all want to be in shape too so we try many things to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We try to follow all the advises and suggestion just to enjoy our favourite food without gaining weight and   get loads of  funny thoughts while doing so.

  • I have heard from a lot of people that Olive oil is healthy so I can fry things in it.
  • Who says potato is fatty? What if I eat the baked ones?

  • People say that you should have breakfast like a King.In the morning I will eat all the things that I like.
  • I wish I don’t feel hungry at all. It’s really difficult to control the cravings.

  • Oh god, staying without butter and sugar is just so impossible for me.
  • White rice is much better than brown ones. I think I can eat at least one bowl, it will hardly affect me.

  • From now, I will only eat oats and eggs in my three meals.
  • I am sure if I will maintain my diet, I will lose 10Kgs in one month.

  • What if I keep cheat days for 3 days a week? For 4 days I will eat healthy and on rest of the days, I will enjoy street food.
  • Even without work out if I will drink 5 to 6 cups of green tea after every meal; automatically my weight will go down.

  • There is a very nice diet restaurant near my home; I can order all the items from there. They even have healthy Pizza and Burgers.
  • I will always keep my diet stuff along with me at the parties so that I don’t eat the snacks there. Will also try to stay away from alcohol.
  • I am sure if i continue to diet I will fit in M size by next month so lets buy few clothes of  that size on sale.
  • Finally I can wear my favourite dress without tummy tucker.

Can you also relate to the have thoughts? Let us know by commenting below


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