Thoughts You Get When Not Loosing Weight

We all workout to achieve the best bodies, but losing weight is not an easy task. While we know we are doing the best we can, still there comes a time when nothing works and that is when multiple thoughts hit our mind. If you are also trying to lose weight but still not getting the desired results then you can surely relate to these.

  • Am I going to the right gym?
  • Is my workout correct?
  • Why does everything have so many calories
  • People say who love gym are lying, what is there to love?
  • I think I should change my diet
  • Why everything delicious contributes to weight gain?
  • I should start eating salad only, no carbs now
  • Is my trainer helping me with the correct workout?
  • Am I that fat?
  • I think I am okay as I am
  • I should change my dietician
  • Diet is not enough I should enroll in a weight loss program
  • This gym is useless
  • I should try a new product available online
  • Why is losing weight so hard?

After doing so much workout, at the end of the day when we look at the weight machine, we always think, is it even worth it? So, guys relax results will come slowly. Be patient.