Types of People We Come Across in Gym

Although gym is a place where people go to fulfill their fitness aims but there are also some who just want to chill and take interest in other things too. So, if you are planning to join a gym then, be ready to meet these different types of people there:


Spending most of the time looking at the mirror, checking out abs and clicking endless selfies.

Over dramatic people

These are the ones who think they know everything and do funny things to seek attention.

Lazy people

They take one hour on cardio and then just feel like going back home. Doing numerous exercises at a particular time is not their cup of tea.

Couples who give major fitness goals

These duos are loved by almost everyone because they are truly motivating and cute.

Over charged

Whether on a treadmill or while doing any lifts they just rush up as if there is some competition.


Gym is the place they worship and there is nothing beyond that.

The gym princess

Her hair and makeup is always set and along with that there’s no chance of sweating too. She is like the celebrity for whom all the guys wait for.

Keen observers

Trainers are the lucky ones as they just have time to watch everyone carefully.

Irritating guys

Before, during and post workout they are always seen chit chatting with everyone as if they know them from long years.


For them only they are the king and rest others are fools standing around them.