Ways to Stick to your New Year fitness Resolution

Check out some ways on how to stick to your new year resolutions:

“I will lose weight this year, I will do exercise, join the gym and more”, are some of the common new year fitness resolutions we all make. A resolution is a great thing as committing to change is actually a substantial step in the procedure of making change happen. Though we decide to complete the resolution but often fail to stick to it for long so here some ways to achieve it

  • Set realistic goals

It is said that people often go overboard while setting fitness goals but we advise you to think realistic and  long-term. Set goals that you know you can achieve because if  don’t reach our goals, we get disappointed.Always remember goal setting is crucial for success in all areas of life, especially our health

Source FitDay

Source FitDay

  • Choose suitable diets

Do not start immediately and spend some time in planning and experimenting things. If you choose to go on diet, then select the one as per your body and capability. Do not choose extreme diets as they will not help is losing weight, instead, you will get weak and ill. Our body needs proper nutrition, so choose wisely.

  • Celebrate small wins

Source: Fortune

Source: Fortune

The main reason people fail to reach their fitness goals is that they ignore small wins. Their focus is only on the main victory, but you need to appreciate your small efforts as well. Going to the gym 3 times a week- small win, eating a homemade salad instead of regular lunch- win. The small steps towards the goal are important.

  • Mix up workouts

Here we advise you to do different workouts, like running or gym. At the gym you must do various workouts like cardio, weight, aerobics, and yoga. If you skip running someday then you can exercise at home.

  • Hire a trainer

For many people getting trainer is quite expensive, but if you really want to get fit and you think you can’t hold on yourself then this might be a good investment for you. As it becomes easier to achieve the goal when you have the support of people with similar goals, you can also join a group of people who have the same goal.