Weightlifting Tips for Women

As compared to plain cardio and other exercises, weightlifting helps in burning more calories. For weightlifting, you must know how to hold and lift it. For women weightlifting is quite difficult but in order to achieve its maximum benefits , here are few tips

  • Intensity

Technically, intensity refers to the amount of weight lifted.  If you increase the weight on the bar you are increasing the intensity of your workout.   Consult with the trainer about the right weight according to your weight and goal.

. Learn Proper Exercise Form

This is crucial; you need to devote some time to learning proper exercise form from the very beginning. It’s much easier to learn proper form initially than to develop poor habits and try to break them later.

  • Lift at least thrice a week

If you wish to get best results from weightlifting then, lift at least three times in a week. Lifting weight once or twice is better than nothing but it will not give you desired results. However, do not lift more than thrice a week because it can harm your muscles.

  • Don’t do a lot of cardio

If you want to do weightlifting then practicing too much cardio is not good for you, as it will make you lose muscle mass. Instead of doing cardio for a long time you can practice high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for 15-20 minutes.

  • Plan before workout

You must plan before lifting the weight. It is essential to follow right sequence of exercises to fetch the benefits. For instance: while performing full body workout, start from large to small muscles.

Weight Lifting tips

Weight Lifting tips

  • Add variety 

Mix it up to avoid giving one muscle too much of a workout. If you only exercise your biceps but never work on your hamstring or glutes, you will create an imbalance in your body.