Weird Things People do to Lose Weight

Weight Loss tips/pixabay

No Doubt almost every person wishes to have a toned and attractive body but not everyone gets it. Though many people put in their efforts to do hard workouts and to be fit but some opt for tricks that are unbelievable and can even be harmful for them. Here are some weird ways people go for to loose weight.

Cotton Ball Diet

In this diet people soak cotton in water and eat it  so that their body don’t let them feel hungry. This is not safe as cotton can damage the stomach or intestine.

Sleep Diet

Though this may not sound dangerous but in reality it is. In this process people take a lot of sedatives and drug to sleep for few days. The logic behind this is, to skip the meals and stay without food.

Patch stitched on the tongue

Source- ABC News

This is one of the most risky and insane way to get thin. People get a patch stitched on the centre of their tongue so that they can avoid solid food and switch to only liquid diet.

Tapeworms Diet

Though tapeworms are not good for stomach and people eat medicines to get rid of it but some put in all their efforts to ensure that they grow inside them as tapeworms suck all the nutrients and so this helps them in burning calories.

Urine injection

Urine has human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in it which boosts the metabolism and helps in burning the fats faster but besides this, injecting it in the body is like putting in toxic chemicals which can later create serious health issues for you.

Hard Drugs

Many people consume hard drugs like Heroin and Cocaine because it squeezes the body and make the person too stoned to get hungry. This addiction has many side-effects and can also result in death due to overdose.