Asanas that PM Modi suggests to Try at Home

Today is International Yoga Day and PM Modi will be seen performing yoga with 18,000 other participants at Ranchi, where the main event of International Yoga Day 2019 is being held. He proposed the idea of this day at the United Nations during his speech on December 11, 2014. Since then he has been seen posting yoga videos and pictures regularly. Modi wrote on Twitter, “On 21st June, we will mark #YogaDay2019. I urge you all to make Yoga an integral part of your life and also inspire others to do the same. The benefits of Yoga are tremendous.” Not only pictures, but he also posts the benefits of yoga for the human mind and body. So, here are some yoga poses that are must try according to PM Modi:

•    Vrikshasana – The Tree Pose

This pose helps in improving body balance, concentration and strengthens legs, thighs, spine, arms, and shoulders. People with high blood pressure cannot perform this pose.

•    Trikonasana- Triangle posture

This asana helps strengthen the back muscles and also makes thighs, shoulder, and chest, spine flexible and strong. This posture also helps in releasing stress. Though people with back problems must avoid doing it.

•    Surya Namaskar- Sun salutation

This iconic yoga pose is very beneficial as it boosts lung capacity, works miracle for muscles and helps manage diabetes as well.

•    Shashankasana- Hare Posture

Hare posture is a must do for people who are suffering from stress and anger issues. It also provides relief from constipation and aids digestion.

•    Shalabhasana- The locust pose

This pose treats lower back pain and reduce thigh fat. It also shapes muscles and refreshes the stomach. A pregnant woman is not advised to do this.

•    Bhujangasana – The Cobra Pose

The cobra pose helps remove stomach fat, relieves back pain and constipation and also boosts the respiratory system.