Best Yoga Asanas For Pregnant Women

Yoga is one the best exercise for keeping your body toned. Every woman wants a healthy pregnancy period and yoga postures provide the ease during those 9 months. During pregnancy it  is known to reduce back and leg pain, nausea, depression, improves baby’s health and also promotes normal labor and delivery.The asanas that pregnant women should do include breathing exercises, sitting postures, loosening exercises, pranayama, and meditation. Here are some best yoga asanas that every pregnant lady must do:

Anulom- Vilom (Breathing exercise)

Best Yoga asanas for pregnant women

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This exercise is also known as Nadi Shodhana and it is very helpful in purifying the mind and body. It is one of the best breathing exercises which releases stress and anxiety. In pregnancy, you should do it daily as it improves blood circulation and cures gastric and headache issues. A regular practice of this posture will also strengthen your nervous system and improves the functioning of the lungs. This asana should be performed in the morning.

Baddha-Konasana (Butterfly Pose)

Best Yoga asanas for pregnant women

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This is the best posture for pregnant ladies as it makes childbirth easy. This asana stimulates ovaries, bladder, and abdominal organs. It also stretches the knees, inner thighs and cures health of reproductive system. It seems like a butterfly is flapping its wings so this pose is also known as the butterfly. You can also get rid of stress by doing it.

Setu-Bandha (Bridge Pose)

Best Yoga asanas for pregnant women

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The posture looks like a structure of mountain, hence it is called as bridge pose. This pose stretches and tones your neck, chest, and back, also it helps in relaxation of your body. It also massages the digestive system, thus improves digestion and calms the brain. Also, it improves the function of abdomen organs.

Padmasana (Lotus Pose)Best Yoga asanas for pregnant women

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This one is the ultimate yoga posture. The consistent practice of this pose eases the birthing process. It stimulates the spine, bladder, pelvis, and abdomen. This asana opens up hips and makes them flexible.


Best Yoga asanas for pregnant women


This is the corpse pose while practicing it in pregnancy you are advised to lie against your back and use a pillow to support your belly. It completely relaxes your body and boosts up the energy levels immediately. This asana fights the side effects of pregnancy and gives a relief from nausea, pain and morning sickness. So whenever you feel low, do this to uplift your mood.

Every pregnant woman must do all these asanas carefully and under the expert supervision of someone to avoid complications.