How Yoga can Help Breast Cancer Survivors

Battle against cancer takes more than just physical strength. Having friends and family around keeps you motivated to fight it off but the only person who can make you feel better truly is you. 

 While it is impossible to keep up with strength training, you can still perform light exercises or  Yoga which also helps to heal and recover after painful treatments and intense chemotherapy sessions. We put more light on how yoga can help breast cancer patients 

Reduces cortisol level in the body 

Cortisol is released in the body in a stressful situation and naturally if you are fighting against a deadly disease, your body will be constantly under stress. Research shows that yoga has helped women cope with stress and hence reduced cortisol levels were observed in their body. 

Helps reduce fatigue 

Lower fatigue level was observed in a study conducted in The Ohio State University on breast cancer patients and  57% reduction in fatigue level was recorded in women who engaged in yoga. You may also be more tired than usual so yoga can help in restoring your energy. 

Improves sleep quality 

Constant stress and worrying may affect the quality of sleep. Yoga also helps in improving and regulating the quality of sleep. You may be able to see changes in a few weeks’ time. 

Reduces anxiety in patients 

It regulates your breathing pattern and helps you keep calm. An average session of yoga also involves meditating and hence you remain in control of your thoughts. Keeping a check on your thoughts can improve anxiety in cancer patients. 

Helps battle depression 

Yoga is a low impact form of exercise and movement in any form keeps your mood elevated. Performing light yoga movements can lift your mood up and help with depression. 

Here are a few reasons why breast cancer survivors should try yoga. Make sure to enroll in a center that has experienced yoga trainers. You can also opt for private classes in the beginning if you don’t wish to join a group class.