Self-Massage Techniques You Must Include in Your Routine

Massaging has various benefits for our body like it helps in reducing muscle tension, stiffness and also increases the blood flow in the body. Studies have shown that regular massage can boost immunity as well. With this you must be thinking, how can someone visit massage center daily? But the fact is that just 15 minute of massage every day with the right technique can do wonders. So check out some of them below:

•    Pat your tummy after a meal

Softly pat your belly after having a meal. People usually do this after overeating, but this is helpful in general as well. Rubbing your belly in a clockwise direction stimulates the digestion process.

•    Thump your body

Start from your legs and arms, then slowly move upwards to your torso and head. Doing this is the morning will give you energy for the day ahead. Doing the same at night will help to calm your mind and body.

•    Massage your hands

Always massage your hand properly when you put lotion on it. Take a few drops of lotion in your hand and then clasp both hands, rub your palms in a circular motion. Also rub the back of each palm.

•    Roll on a tennis ball

You can use a tennis ball to get relief from your sore foot. Stand on one foot while taking the support of the wall and place the arch of the other foot on top of the tennis ball. Add weight over the foot to press the ball in your arch. Now slowly move your foot on the ball to massage your arch, heel, and toes.

•    Neck massage

Gently massage your neck with your hands and roll your shoulders forward and backward. Sitting at a computer all day can make your neck stiff, doing this simple self-massage technique will help to relieve tension.

These techniques will keep you away from body ache and muscle pain.