Thoughts You have During Your First Yoga Class

It’s really easy to decide that you want to join a yoga class but things seem really different when you finally start it. There are mixed feelings on the first day of the class so on International Yoga day we asked people about some of their thoughts during the first yoga class.

Oh My God! This place is just so quiet, how will I adjust here. Is no one allowed to talk?

Why is everybody looking at me like this? Am I wearing the right clothes?

Where should I keep my mat?

Why am I not able to touch my toes like everybody else? I have to become more flexible now.

Closing eyes is the most difficult part for me. I feel really uncomfortable.

“Why can I hear every single soul in this room breathing?”

I never knew that yoga would be so difficult!

The class has still not started then why are these people exercising and trying different yoga positions?

This yoga instructor is just so funny. He talks as if he knows everything and rest everyone is mad.

Am I doing this asana in a right way?

Will he give me diet tips too? Do I need to leave beer too?

The class is so dull and slow.


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