Yoga Asanas to Boost up Your Immunity During COVID-19

As the country is observing a lockdown for 21 days, all the gyms and public health clubs are closed to stop the spread of COVID-19 so you must be wondering how to stay fit during these days. Well then Yoga is a great option. It is best to de-stress yourself and boosts your immunity as well and in order to fight coronavirus, you need to have strong immunity. So here are some yoga asanas that will help you stay fit and strong:

The yoga postures allow you to stimulate organs and pace up their function. Yoga focuses on two key areas of the body- it improves the immunity and respiratory system.

  • Downward dog

Downward dog relieves pressure caused by cold or sinus infections. It also helps prevent infection and increases immunity. As it stretches the back, it helps in relieving back pain too.

  • Bridge pose

It is an amazing chest opener and strengthens the immune system. It also supports to fight against the infection. The bridge can help reduce anxiety, fatigue, backaches, and insomnia.

  • Spinal twist

It is a detox pose, this asana compress and stretches the torso which increases circulation to the stomach, kidneys and stimulates digestion. It also releases tension in the back and neck.

  • Triangle pose

Triangle pose is also called Trikonasana as it resembles a triangle. It is one of the best yoga poses for the immune system. This pose improves circulation in the body and helps in digestion, controls blood pressure, as well as reduces stress.

  • Forward fold

It is a perfect pose to help boost immunity. Inverted bends bring blood flow to sinuses that ease congestion. This prepares our body against infection by boosting our immune system.