Reasons we love the Treadmill

You can multitask

Love running? Going for a run on the treadmill is the most effective, efficient and convenient way. There are plenty of perks a treadmill has, that you can’t enjoy running outdoors. Though running in the fresh air early morning is lovely and you have pretty scenery to gaze at. There is much that a treadmill offers and here we have how it can make you love it even more:

Protects your heart

Protects your heart

When you work out on a treadmill indoors, you are saved from smog and dirt from outside. These cause many breathing issues, heart-related problems etc and working indoors also saves you from the threat of negligent drivers on the roads.

Saves Your Knees

Saves Your Knees

You may have worked out on treadmills that are cushioned. They give an easy and smooth running experience which you can’t get on roads. You do not have to worry looking over potholes or rocks while running.

You can hit a speed which is impossible outside

I personally noticed that hitting a speed is 100 times better. outdoors I just run, here my running is structured. Plus there are no worries about getting hurt or falling and you just enjoy your speedy workout.

You can multitask

You can multitask

source- India Today

Sometimes I watch TV, sometimes I reply to an urgent email or I deep breathe and enjoy this ability to multitask when running on a treadmill.

It’s great if you love speedy workouts

It's great if you love speedy workouts

You can lock your running pace and time of workout as per your desire. Those numbers on the treadmill work as a motivation to run for the goals you decide.

You can catch up on news or telly shows

You can catch up on news or telly shows

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It is a fantastic feeling when you run with watching your favourite movie or series on television.

No worrying about the weather

You can run in shorts and even if it’s raining outside, you can make your workout goal fixed without any hindrance. This is the best part what most people would love about it.


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