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Ongoing Pandemic: Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

This pandemic has changed our lives and has taken a toll over everything. The

What Adds to the Risk of Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is today’s one of the major health concerns. According to a study

Improves Immunity

Probiotics a Must for a Healthy Diet

With most of us having junk or pesticide-laden food, often our gut suffers from

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Places in the Home That You Should Clean More Often 

As much as it is important to wear a mask to protect yourself from coronavirus,


Gyms reopening: Things to Keep in Mind

The third phase of the unlock plan will soon be coming in effect and the government has allowed yoga centers and gyms to operate from 5th August. The fitness

Here is Why You Should Not Do Deadlifts at Home

People who loved going to the gym had a hard time adjusting with the news of the lockdown. It became even worse for people who started to lose muscle mass

Mung Dal

Green Gram: A Superfood for Weight Loss

Moong Dal is India’s most loved Dal. Known as split yellow bean as well is a storehouse of health benefits as its loaded with  anti-inflammatory properties

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Must Follow Morning Rituals for a Productive Day

Most of us find it difficult to get out of bed every morning although almost all of us follow a daily routine but let’s talk about morning routine


Equipment You Need to Make Mini-Gym at Home

We love to see celebrities training in their home gym but we didn’t anticipate

Things We Should Not do After Workout

It feels great after completing an intense workout session but along with

Gifts for Fitness Freak Moms on Mother’s Day

Health and fitness are priority and extra efforts are made by many people to

invest in resistance bands

Reasons to Invest in Resistance Bands

Here is why you should invest in resistance bands Whenever you think of buying


Reasons why it’s bad to be a tea lover

Dishes That Taste Better in Monsoons

Monsoon is a wonderful breeze, a sigh of relief from summers, and what defines the monsoon best is the delicious snacks that we eat in this season. Other

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Surprising Benefits of Eating Mangoes

Mango is juicy and delicious and is one of the most popular fruits across the world. For Indians this king of fruits is the only good thing about summers.

Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

For a lot of people breakfast is not an important meal but for the ones who suffer from diabetes, having breakfast is a must. It has some real benefits