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Best Micellar Water Available in India

Micellar water is a French skincare secret which removes waterproof makeup

Reasons why it’s bad to be a tea lover

Side Effects of Tea

In India, a large chunk of people are obsessed with tea. Their morning starts

Best tips to take care of your Mental Health in Christmas

Tips to Take Care of your Mental Health

Though Festivals is the time of fun, celebration, parties, and happiness but


Ways to make that morning coffee healthier

Coffee is love for many and brewing a cup early morning is a schedule they love!


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Benefits of Strength Training

If you are thinking to start strength training routine then this article is for you. A study reveals that strength training is beneficial for the treatment

5 Best Summer Detox Waters to Lose Fat Faster

5 Best Summer Detox Waters to Lose Fat

Summers are the perfect time to reduce weight because; in summers we eat less and sweat more. But this season demands a proper diet, which keeps a stable

B-Town gym buddies who give us major fitness goals

B-Town Gym Buddies Who Give us Major Fitness Goals

Most of us get inspiration from our favorite stars especially when it comes to fitness. Individually you might have seen many actors sweating hard but

Annoying Things That Happen When You Go to Gym

No doubt exercise is the best thing that you can do for fitness but at times things do not always seem great. The daily routine of your gym can even make


Why you must invest in a Fitness Band

Why You Must Invest in a Fitness Band

Do you like to keep a track of your life? How cool would it be to keep a track

invest in resistance bands

Reasons to Invest in Resistance Bands

Here is why you should invest in resistance bands Whenever you think of

Things We Should Not do After Workout

It feels great after completing an intense workout session but along with that,

Best Sports Bras Brands To Pick

Your guide to buying the best sports bra If performing yoga sessions or doing


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Healthy Alternatives to Wheat Flour

Indians consume too much wheat on a daily basis from a parantha in the morning, rotis in lunch, sandwich, biscuit and the list just goes on. Most of

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Foods to Avoid when Sick

During  weather change people often get sick with cold & cough and focus on medicines but simply  ignore to pay attention to their diet as

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Ways to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a powerful fermented liquid that provides various health benefits such as detoxification, inflammation, weight loss , metabolism