Seeing Greenery can Control Cravings

No doubt you might have heard about the health benefits of nature but, do you

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Symptoms of PCOD

These days PCOD (polycystic ovary disease) is a very common problem among women

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Healthy Ways to Manage PMS Symptoms

Every woman in this world experience the physical and emotional symptoms of

Surprising Benefits of Turmeric for our Skin

You might have heard about turmeric being used when someone gets hurt but along


Fittest actors in Bollywood

No doubt almost every star on screen needs to have an amazing acting skills but along with that they also cannot give up on fitness. Every actor needs

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No Diet and Exercise, we Need Better Cities to Stay Fit

In  places around the globe where people live the longest, they don’t pursue health but live longer because of the right environment. There are

Things Every Girl Does in the Gym

There are many girls who go to gym and almost everyone has something in common that they are often spotted doing. Whether it’s weird or normal no one

Check Out: Nickyanka’s Workout Video

Ever since the dating rumors of Global Diva Priyanka Chopra and popular singer Nick Jonas came people started drooling over their chemistry.  The duo


Malaika Arora Gives Perfect Gym Wear Goals

No matter whether it’s a party or just a normal day, everyone wants to look


Post-Workout Hygiene Habits We All Must Follow

If you workout you’re bound to be exposed to sweaty clothes, germ-ridden

Things We Should Not do After Workout

It feels great after completing an intense workout session but along with that,

Best Sportswear Brands for Fitness Freaks

We all desire to have a perfect body but  it requires a lot of hard work including


Never Store Butter in the Refrigerator

Butter adds flavor to a dish and enhances its taste. While we all keep it in the refrigerator and struggle at the breakfast table next morning but as

Signs You are Not Eating Right

No doubt in today’s time many people stay on diet just to stay fit but only few follow a good food plan at the same time. Dieting does not mean that

Interesting Ways to Consume oats

Oats is a very healthy and satisfying breakfast option as this gluten-free whole grain contains all the essential nutrients that your body needs like