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Ways to Get Rid Of Heartburn

Heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest and uncomfortable burping after

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Things You Should Know About Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is emerging as the second deadly disease among men in Delhi?


Superfoods for Healthy Hair

Everybody wants to have long and strong hair and for that a healthy scalp is

Left-Handed People are Better!

Recently a study has proved that people who are left-handed are better at verbal


How to Ace Vrischikasana

Vrischikasana is an advanced yoga asana which means Scorpion as it resembles a striking scorpion. Scorpion pose pushes us to move past our self-imposed

Weight loss

Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

It is too frustrating when you work hard but can’t lose weight! Though you are eating right, exercising the correct way but are not able to scale down

Top 5 Fitness Inspirational Models

Top Male Inspirational Fitness Models

Physical Fitness is not just about strength but is the state of your body as a whole: the physiological, biochemical and mental state. To be fit you don’t


Best Plyometric Exercises for More Power

Plyometric exercises are done to grow strength and to increase and maintain the body power. They can be performed two to three times a week but they are



Rakhi Gifts for Fitness Freak Sisters

Its Rakhi tomorow and brothers must be puzzled thinking what to gift their sisters

Malaika Arora Gives Perfect Gym Wear Goals

No matter whether it’s a party or just a normal day, everyone wants to look


Post-Workout Hygiene Habits We All Must Follow

If you workout you’re bound to be exposed to sweaty clothes, germ-ridden

Things We Should Not do After Workout

It feels great after completing an intense workout session but along with that,


Healthy Ways You can Add Chia in Your Diet

You might have heard about the numerous benefits of chia seeds but not everyone knows the different ways you can add this in your diet. Many are not able

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Healthy Dessert Options For Fitness Freaks

When you start healthy eating the first things that you are asked to avoid is deserts and sweets. Giving up on sweet treats is quite a difficult task

Unknown Health Benefits of Dalia

Porridge or Dalia is one of the healthiest options for breakfast. Made with broken wheat it is loaded with nutrients and is helpful in weight loss as