Ways to Stop Your Phone Addiction

Source kern vallen sun

Everyone spends some of their time on smartphones, but few people are phone addicts. By this we mean they are always on their phone, either talking to someone, chatting or watching something. They check their phones every 10 minutes and it becomes a habit. Now the question is how to overcome this addiction? So, here are some simple tips to stop your phone addiction:

  • Turn off notifications

When do we check out phones? When we receive a notification from any of the installed apps right so a  simple way to cut down on distractions is to turn off push notifications for as many apps as you can. This will also reduce your phone usage.

  • Avoid using it in front of people

Try not to look at your phone when you are with a group of people. Slowly this will become your habit and as you will be spending a lot of time with your colleagues, friends and other people, you will be using less phone.

  • Stop scrolling

The popular social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and others have infinite scrolling functions, where you can just keep going. A stream of social media posts makes you scroll endlessly, which increases your phone usage. Try reducing the usage of such apps and you can see a difference in your time usage.

  • Get help from your friend

The first step in recovering from any addiction is admitting it. So admit the fact that you are addicted to your phone and ask your friends to help. Tell them to stop you if they notice you using your phone a lot. This might be helpful.

  • Do not use phones over meals


Challenge yourself and stop using the phone while you are eating this even enhances conversations with the ones you are eating with.

  • Have a phone-free day once a week

Do something crazy and leave your phone for at least one day a week. That day focus on yourself and your tasks. Go outside, spend time with people, practice self-care or read and just avoid using the phone.