Best Exercises For Toned Arms

Exercises for Toned Arms

There are many exercises for a perfect body and to maintain health and shape. Often most women have one common problem area their arms, especially the upper arm flab. Most women do not wear sleeveless clothes because of un-toned arms which looks really bad in photos. These exercises give you a sexy spaghetti-strap-ready look and here is what you need to do for it:

Shoulder Cycles

Exercises for Toned Arms


Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Hold the dumbbells and raise your arms straight to your face and parallel to the ground. Open your hands to 180 degrees and then close your arms in the similar front position. This should be continued vice-versa till 6 cycles. Raise your arms to your sides first, then closing towards the center and ending up by lowering down.


Exercises for Toned Arms

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You need to soften your knees and engage your core in this exercise. Take the dumbbells up to your shoulder heights; bring back to heads and then shift downwards. Doing this you engage your biceps, shoulders, and triceps.

Overhead Tricep Extension

Exercises for Toned Arms

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Put your hands above your body in a straight direction. The next step would be dropping down your hands behind your head and lifting them back again slowly. Your elbow should be placed close to your ears and repeat the motion 10 times daily for toned arms.

Half-kneeling bicep curls

Exercises for Toned Arms

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Kneel down with the other leg on the floor. Pick upside down the dumbbells and vice-versa with each hand. Start with your right hand and then the left and repeat the same 12 times.

Get up plank

Exercises for Toned Arms

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Begin with your knees bent and resting on the floor, in a side-plank position. Hold a kettle bell in your right hand and rest your weight against your forearm. Lift your body from knees to shoulder balancing your foot with raising the kettle bell high. Repeat the same 3 times.

Chest-fly hand-off

Exercises for Toned Arms

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Use only one light dumbbell in this exercise. Lie down with knees bent and holding one dumbbell raise your hand above the chest. While doing transfer the dumbbell to the other hand without fully resting your hand on the ground.

Bent over reverse fly

Exercises for Toned Arms

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This engages your muscles and the back of your shoulders. You need to bend your shoulders and move back your hands holding the dumbbells in a flying position with keeping legs apart. Bring back you hands to starting position and repeat the same 8-10 times.


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