Race Day Mistakes to Avoid

Race Day

Race day goals bring enthusiasm and makes everybody excited about the event as you’re all set to attain those goals. But, there are many race-day mistakes that one needs to avoid to enjoy that happiness achieved after reaching the finishing line. Here are the things you need to take care of on your race day.


Dress for the weather

Since you cannot control the climate conditions, it is good to check the weather forecast before leaving. This way you can dress accordingly and plan your workouts with the same. Planning is important right from the dress to your run. Suppose if it rains and you did not put on the right workout gear, you will be left grieving.

Not charging the electronics

The GPS watch won’t help if you forgot to charge it overnight. So, it is important to charge all your electronics previously to keep working for hours while you run.

Blasting the music too loud

For your safety and also of the people running with you, listen to the music in moderate volume. You should be able to hear what’s happening around you. Music is to boost you up in workouts and not for distraction.

Not warming up

A warm-up routine should be a part of your training. Warm-ups help the body in running easily and allow you to race more efficiently. When it’s cold, this warms up to loosen the muscles and you are less likely to get injuries.

Lining up in the wrong corral

In big races, you are directed where to line up  because when you run with many people around having the same pace as yours, it is difficult to even walk, so it is important to keep running in the correct line.

Going out faster

There is no need to be overexcited and run too enthusiastically in the first mile. Experts say that it is better to run the second half faster than the first half as you need to save your energy to complete the race. Exhausting it over at first is of no use.