Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

5 Easy ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health and everyone knows the harmful effects but only a few decide to quit. We understand that its not easy to leave this addiction until and unless you become resolute and committed for getting rid of it. So, we bring you some easy ways if you are also planning to quit  smoking.

Think about the reason why you want to quit

 5 Easy ways to Quit Smoking

Instead of thinking about its withdrawal or how you will do it, focus more on the reason that why you want to leave it. This will motivate  you to take the step ahead and not feel disheartened. Maybe initially you haven’t taken the right measures so don’t lose hope.

Avoid risky situations

Many people smoke to relax their mind, reduce stress or to sit alone with their thoughts if such is your case then avoid those situations when you crave for a cigarette. For example, don’t have tea alone in the morning, go and have it in the office because there you cannot smoke.

Chose the right date and time

 5 Easy ways to Quit Smoking

Decide the right time and write the date when you want to quit. Every day look at the calendar and see how many days are left, this will prepare your mind subconsciously.

Take Help

Planning to leave an addiction is not that easy so take help from your friends , family or a specialist. Share your feelings with them and tell them what triggers you to smoke so that they also take extra care of keeping you away from those things.

Erase all Smoking Reminders

 5 Easy ways to Quit Smoking

Stay away from all the things like matchsticks, ashtray, and lighters or any other which remind you of smoking. In the beginning, also make sure you don’t stand at the places where people smoke because the smell of cigarette will make it really tough for you to control.