Myths about menstruation busted

“It is just a cramp, forget it”, “It is just for 4 days, bear it”, these are few things that guys often say when girls are upset because of menstruation. But boys you need to know that it is far more than just blood, it is more than cramps and mood swings. It is really difficult to get through this time. You must think of it as just bleeding but it is a lot more than that. It is time to burst the bubble of myths for you. So guys here are few things that you must know about it.

Not every pain killer treats the pain

You might be well versed in managing your girlfriend and her whining but trust me, not every girl is the same. Period pain and its symptoms differ from person to person. While some suffer from back pain or abdominal pain others might feel increased tenderness in their nipples. So be careful while handling your next girl.

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It is not just blood

The menstrual cycle is more than just blood. It’s the shedding of the uterus lining, which happens when the egg in the fallopian tubes doesn’t get fertilised. Hormonal changes happen almost every day. It is not just blood flowing.

PMSing is a thing

Pre-menstrual syndrome is not a joke it is a real thing. The mood swings might look as an excuse to not do something, but they are not. The body aches, the bloating, and the weakness everything makes it worse.

Day one is the hardest

Day one of a woman’s period is the worst. Cramps are terrible and flow is the heaviest. And the mood is super bad and low at that time. This is the most emotionally weak day for a women, so guys please bear.  

We want to eat what we ask.

Guys our food is our food, you can’t give opinions when we crave for something during this time. Our bloated belly demands food that we love. Also, do not forget to buy chocolates.

Pampering and love is a therapy

While we are going through this, we need you by our side. When I say this I mean we need a human teddy to comfort us and take care of us. Girls might not admit but a man can be the most helpful thing during a period. Love and pampering is all she needs.

Stop making menstruation a great deal and stop feeling disgusted while buying a sanitary napkin. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it is related to the process of birth of humans.