Things that can mess up your periods

We all want a fixed cycle as it becomes easy to keep a track of it.  But missing a period is not always medically alarming as there are multiple reasons from daily activities that can lead to irregularities.  Take note of these  things that could be messing with your menstrual cycle and see your doctor if anything seems too far off.

1. Stress

The tough and hard times causes stress and this could mess up your period. Stress is one of the contributors to changes in the menstrual cycle because when you are upset, your body stops making the hormones needed for ovulation.  So always be happy.

2. Rough exercise

A hard exercise routine puts stress on your body and this indicates your brain to stop producing reproductive hormones. It is advised to do a required amount of exercise only.

3. Your diet

This is one of the crucial elements as eating too much and too less can be harmful to your body functions including your menstrual cycle. Try to intake healthy diet in order to maintain a proper diet balance.

4. Overweight

The extra pounds can result in elevated levels of estrogen, which can stop your ovaries from producing an egg. The overweight women usually experience heavy, infrequent and long lasting periods. Do visit your doctor if you go through any of these problems.

5. Beauty products

Some beauty products contain chemicals that disrupt endocrine, they impact female reproductive health. Be careful while selecting any product. These products can be hair dyes, moisturizers and shampoo.

6.Taking prescription drugs

Any medication that involves hormones—like thyroid medication (and thyroid problems in general), steroids, or antipsychotics (which release a hormone, dopamine)—can influence your period.

7.Sleeping poorly

You know skimping on sleep can make you feel off, but  slumber patterns can throw off your cycle, too. In fact, people who work irregular hours  are more likely to experience irregular periods.