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Foods to Avoid when Sick

During winters people get sick with cold & cough and focus on medicines but simply  ignore to pay attention to their

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Interesting Ways to Add Beetroot to your Diet

Among the long list of vegetables, beetroot has emerged as one of the super foods that promote overall health. It is a blood-building

Best Protein Sources For Vegetarians

An egg is quite small but it has equally bigger benefits as well. Eggs are a rich source of protein and there are many benefits

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Fruits That Are Good for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is becoming a common problem these days and it affects over 425 million people worldwide. It is a condition marked

Reasons Guava is Great for Weight Loss

Winters are here and so are  the seasonal vegetables and fruits and one of the most famous winter fruit is guava. .  Eating

Reasons why omega 3 fatty acids is important in your diet

Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

We mostly eat Omega 6 in our diet, as they are present in vegetables, meat and oils. But, increasing the intake of omega

Custard apple

Health Benefits of Custard Apple

Custard apple, well known as “Sharifa” in Hindi is a light green colored fruit with a bumpy skin. Although the fruit

Benefits of Eating Star Anise

Star anise is used in Asian cooking from many years now. This star-shaped spice, originated in South China is popularly known

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Foods that Trigger Migraine Pain

Migraine is one of the painful forms of a headache and sometimes can even cause nausea and dizziness . There are many factors

Tips to Fast the Healthy Way this Navratri

Navratri  is celebrated in various ways to honor Goddess Durga and her avatars .It is believed that Goddess Durga comes