Thoughts While Virtually Training With Your Instructor

Virtual training and classes have become a popular option for people who are trying to stay fit during this lockdown. It not only helps instructors stay in business but just as beneficial for people who don’t want the sedentary lifestyle to take over and affect their health.

Although it is fun for people to train online but there are many thoughts that cross one’s mind while the trainer is taking a session.  Here are some common thoughts that occur while you exercise over a video call with your trainer!

  • Why do I have to wake up so early, that too for exercise? Life isn’t fair!

  • I hope he doesn’t make me jump up and down and tests my stamina

  • Why does this minute feel like it is going to last for eternity?

  • Oh, God!  We have lost the internet connection again!

  • I have never heard of this exercise in my life, how do I tell him I don’t know how to do it?

  • ‘ What? I can’t hear you, sir, could you please come closer to your mic?’

  • Why does this call keeps dropping in the middle of my session?

  • I wonder where does the trainer get all this energy from?

  • I am so ordering a pizza after this session!


Which one could you relate with the most?