Food to Eat and Avoid in Chickenpox

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Chickenpox is highly contagious infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus. It takes around ten to fifteen days to recover from this disease. Itchy red rashes and blisters are the common symptoms of chickenpox. The rashes usually appear on the face and stomach and then on the neck, back and chest. Though it is properly treated with medicines but you need to look after your diet as well. So we have listed below the things that you should eat and avoid in chickenpox:

List of things to eat:

  • Fruits

You should consume any fruit which is rich in vitamin C.

  • Soft foods

You can consume soft foods such as mashed potatoes, eggs, boiled chicken and fish.

  • Juices and teas

People usually lose their appetite when they suffer from chickenpox and dehydration occurs. To avoid this patents must take immunity boosting juices, herbal teas, and smoothies.

  • Soups

Soup is a comfort food and it will be soothing for you during this sickness.

Foods to avoid:

  • Salty foods

Salty food might irritate your sore mouth, so avoid salty foods. Add less amount of salt in your food.

  • Spicy foods

Consuming spicy food in chickenpox can be very harmful to you. The contact of spice and wound in the mouth can be irritating so avoid eating spicy food like pepper, garlic and hot sauce.

  • Acidic foods

Avoid having acidic fruits and foods as they cause irritation and pain. Don’t have pineapples, grapes, tomatoes, and coffee.

  • Fatty foods

Foods that are high in saturated fat might cause inflammation, which can slow down healing.