Measures to Keep Away Monsoon Diseases


This is the time of the year when hospitals are flooded with patients complaining about chikungunya, dengue etc. After all monsoon means water-logging which leads to ailments.  However till now this year there has been a great fall in the numbers of patients noted by hospitals and is being taken as a good sign.

This is because it is been said that the incessant rain has prevented breeding of mosquitoes and has kept the diseases in check. As per June 30, 2017 in Bengaluru, 2,892 cases of dengue and 413 cases of chikungunya were recorded. But this year as on June 12, 2018 it had only 1,107 dengue cases although there was a rise in chikungunya with 739 cases.


While there are many hospitals in cities but in rural areas patients have to depend on primary health centers. which can decrease the ‘official’ numbers too.

Measures to decrease Monsoon ailments

Do not let water logging happen especially near your house. Make an effort to empty out old bowls, coolers or any places which can serve as a breeding ground.

Add some kerosene oil in puddles on the roads near your house and in open drains which are prone to water logging.

If you have a cooler and do not use it in monsoon remove it and keep it away from rain water.

Apply mosquito repellent cream or patch if you head outdoors and especially on children.

Use mosquito coil at home.

You can also put a bit of citronella oil in the water you use to mop the house.