If Your Boyfriend is a Fitness Freak!

In today’s time almost everybody wants to stay healthy and fit but maintaining that level of fitness requires loads of


Height Increasing Exercises For Teenagers

Tall and handsome is a famous phrase and undoubtedly height adds to the personality of an individual which is why   teenagers

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Benefits and Risks of HIIT Training

High- Intensity Interval Training is becoming increasingly popular amongst fitness enthusiasts and people who are trying

Dumb Questions Gym Trainers are Tired of Hearing

People join gym to stay fit and most of the time their queries are obvious but still many times they forget to use their

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Best Exercises for Women with PCOS

Women with PCOS should regularly do physical activity as it does not only help in weight management but improves mood and

Remedies to Naturally Reduce Cholesterol

Remedies to Naturally Reduce Cholesterol

As we grow old, unwanted cholesterol can hit us and diet plays an important role in maintaining cholesterol levels.  Though

Healty fast food

Tips to Make Fast Food Choices Healthier

There are times when we crave for that cheesy pizza slice, burgers, fries etc and we also don’t want to spoil our week’s

Benefits of Low-Carb Diet

Many believe that we must eat less carbohydrates and fats in order to lose weight. But the fact is that having a healthy

Benefits of an Online Health Coach

Our generation is time-bound and does not have time to think and ponder over daily habits. With the growth of the internet,

Things You Must Keep in Mind Before Dating a Fitness Freak

Almost every girl dreams of dating a man who is strong and has a good body but, along with that you must also know that