Things that fat people are tired of hearing

Things Fat People are Tired of Hearing

God has made everyone the same but due to many reasons, our body shape differs from each other. No matter what we should

Twinkle Khanna compares Keto Diet to an Animal

Twinkle Khanna Compares Keto Diet to an Animal

Keto Diet is being followed by both celebrities and common people to lose weight and the results too are amazing. Though

Things that Skinny Girls are tired of hearing

Things that Skinny Girls are Tired of Hearing

There’s a saying that nobody in this World is satisfied with what they have and that’s true in most of the cases as even

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Surprising Reasons for Weight Gain

There is nothing more annoying than standing on the machine every morning and seeing increasing weight. While we know eating

Lame excuses that we make to not Workout

Lame Excuses to Skip Workout

Though almost every person knows the benefits of exercising but only a few admit it and include it in their daily routine

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Ways to Stick to Your Diet on Vacation

Check out some ways to stick to your diet while on vacation : Starting a fitness regime especially dieting is very easy but

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Weird Things People do to Lose Weight

No Doubt almost every person wishes to have a toned and attractive body but not everyone gets it. Though many people put

Funny Thoughts that comes in your mind when you are on Diet

Thoughts We Get When on Diet

Most of us love food but on  the other side we all want to be in shape too so we try many things to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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Cheat Meal Strategies for Weight Loss

Going on a diet takes a lot of dedication and sometimes there are days when you crave for pizza or junk food, but while on

Ways to Stick to your New Year fitness Resolution

Check out some ways on how to stick to your new year resolutions: “I will lose weight this year, I will do exercise,