Weight loss

Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

It is too frustrating when you work hard but can’t lose weight! Though you are eating right, exercising the correct way

5 Best Ways to Burn Calories Without Hitting The Gym

In today’s time the major cause of people being overweight is the sedentary lifestyle that we all have adopted. The gadget

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Interesting Benefits of Water Aerobics

Working out in the water is one of the most therapeutic activities. Aqua aerobics is doing workouts in fairly shallow water

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Reasons Exercise can heal you After Emotional Breakdown

Heartbreaks are worse and sad and are an inevitable shock to the system. The truth is that having a broken heart sucks and

Is Bariatric Surgery, a Perfect Solution for Obesity?

In today’s time obesity is one of the most common problems that people are facing, even the little ones are dealing with

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Best Exercises for Women with PCOS

Women with PCOS should regularly do physical activity as it does not only help in weight management but improves mood and

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No Diet and Exercise, we Need Better Cities to Stay Fit

In  places around the globe where people live the longest, they don’t pursue health but live longer because of the

Things Every Girl Does in the Gym

There are many girls who go to gym and almost everyone has something in common that they are often spotted doing. Whether

Types of People We Come Across in Gym

Although gym is a place where people go to fulfill their fitness aims but there are also some who just want to chill and

Things Fitness Freak Couples Can Relate To

Many couples are dedicated towards health so from breakfast, dinner to dates everything revolves around it. Even we have