Healthy Desserts to Make at Home

Sugar cravings can be hard to deal with, especially when you are trying to follow a healthy diet. Lockdown has brought out

How to Make Flavored Salt at Home

Bored with your regular salted snacks and wish to experiment a little? There is a way to come up with your seasoning!  Enhance

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Foods that Help in Managing Depression

Depression is not a disease, but  a medical state of mind in which you feel low and sad for a longer period of time. Though

Interesting Ways to Consume oats

Oats is a very healthy and satisfying breakfast option as this gluten-free whole grain contains all the essential nutrients

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Indian Keto Recipes

The ketogenic diet or keto diet as we all know is a low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many health benefits as it involves

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Corona Kadha: An Important Drink During These Times 

Doctors and other experts are asking people to drink Kadha, an Ayurvedic drink to help boost the immune system. Kadha is

Easy to Make Healthy Snacks!

Finding it difficult to stick to healthy eating habits? There are many snacks that can be easily made at home and are also

Nutrient-Packed Salads to Make at Home

 Salads are a powerhouse of micronutrients and fiber and they also keep you full for a long time. This also keeps you from

Recipe: Immunity Booster Drink

It is important to look after your health, now more than ever and the best way to do that is by including nutritious food

Buckwheat Dosa

Healthy Buckwheat Dishes To Try This Navratri

Buckwheat is the replacement of wheat flour in Navrati fasting. It is very easily available and is full of nutrition as