Ways Your Car is Affecting Your Health

Everyone needs a conveyance to reach their destination as traveling in your own car is easy and comfortable too. But do you know it is affecting your health? Yes cars do have drawbacks that can make you fall sick so let’s check out the major ones below:

House of germs

A car is the same as a public toilet because it goes around at so many places in polluted areas and every time you touch it the hands come in contact with the germs. These small viruses can further turn into severe problems so it’s always better to sanitize and deep clean your car after long rides .

Increase the risk of depression

Many researchers have proved that people who drive for approx 50 to 90 minutes every day are at higher risk of getting depression. They develop a negative attitude and also go through the disturbed sleeping patterns, chronic unhappiness, anxiety, mood swings and weight fluctuations.

Air Conditioner spreads germs

Most of the people can’t sit without Ac in their cars however it is harmful. Germs hide in it and when you switch it on the chances of infections like cough, cold and wheezing increase.

Perfumes and fresheners are just chemicals

Undoubtedly we bring good perfumes for our cars so that refreshing fragrance stays inside but that’s not really a good idea. These new smell just create a room for toxic chemicals which are really hazardous to breathe in.

Eat more unhealthy food

Source- autoblog.com

This is one of the most common problems that most of us can relate to. When we are going on a long trip or are stuck in traffic jams our body craves snacks and food that we generally avoid having. This results in bad eating habits and a higher risk of developing cardiac problems and obesity.


When we are in a hurry but due to jam it becomes difficult to reach which ultimately tests our patience level. During this hour it’s really important to control the anger because it may shoot up your blood pressure.