Best Plyometric Exercises for More Power


Plyometric exercises are done to grow strength and to increase and maintain the body power. They can be performed two to three times a week but they are not cardio so are not meant to be performed in a fast-paced circuit. For all those who want to take their lower body workout to new heights start doing plyometric leg exercises. Here we have some Plyometric leg exercises you must do:

Lateral jumps

Doing these jumps the body’s power and speed to do work increases. They are important for athletes more. To perform it:

  • Stand with feet around shoulder width apart.
  • Jump as high and as far as you can
  • Jump back to the starting place

Get creative with these jumps and make them harder step by step as your energy increases because it can test your strength too.

Box jumps


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Box jumps can be an awesome addition to your daily exercise routine. They help to build power and increases one’s speed and ability. It is sure to get your heart rate up without even stepping up the treadmill. To perform it:

  • Stand next to a plyo box with feet around shoulder width apart.
  • Jump on to the box landing with knees slightly bent.
  • Step back and repeat the same.

Plyo push ups

This builds upper body strength and power. There are tons of different variations of this exercise. Like one can go for Plyo clap pushups, full body explosive pushups, push up onto higher surface etc. The more explosive is the higher surfaces you can jump onto.

Single leg long jumps

It is good for body balance and coordination. Start doing it with:

  • Stand holding one leg off
  • Squat down and jump forward with one leg up and pumping the arms as you move
  • Try moving fast with maintaining balance.

Jump lunges

This builds single leg coordination. It is the best to maintain body’s coordination and needs to be in every athlete’s exercise routine.

  • Start with one leg bent forward in a ninety degree angle and the other bent behind you.
  • Jump with back leg and switch positions in air itself with landing with the opposite leg forward.
  • To make it harder place your back foot on a larger surface.

Apart from these one can also do lateral jumps, depth jumps etc.


Source Sci-News

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