Few Rules to Master the Push-Ups

If you are a fitness enthusiast you might know how important push-ups are and if you are trying to get in shape then they

Top Gym Etiquette You Must Know

  Whether you are a regular gym goer or a newcomer, there are some common gym etiquette that you must know

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Exercises to Reduce Armpit Fat

We focus more on butts, abs and legs but you should not neglect armpits during a workout. The fat stored at armpits is

Annoying Things Almost Every Body Builder Does

Building good body is not that easy and often turns into obsession. From drinking unlimited supplements to always having

Best Post-Workout Recovery Drinks to Try at Home

 The process of recovering from a strenuous workout continues even after you are able to catch a breath. The muscles in

Shoulder exercise

Best Shoulder Exercises Without Weights

A well-defined shoulder is not only necessary for bodybuilders and athletes but for other people as well. There are a lot

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Exercises to Reduce Inner Thigh Fat

Loosing inner thigh fat is a tedious task so you need to work hard to get results and the best way is to follow a healthy

Ways to relieve arthritis pain

Ways to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is one of the most common problems that many people are dealing with. Though at an initial stage it is not that


Things You Need to Know About Squats

Most of us do squats to get that perfect booty and take it only as a butt exercise. But it does carry many other benefits

Weightlifting Tips for Women

As compared to plain cardio and other exercises, weightlifting helps in burning more calories. For weightlifting, you must